Meet Hussain Sajwani; A Pioneer in Today’s Glittering Dubai

Often, career professionals accord to the fact that family background plays a significant role in determining the success of one’s career. For successful entrepreneurs such as Hussain Sajwani, childhood experiences are among the crucial factors in shaping an individual’s future career. Born and raised in a business environment, Sajwani started earning profits by selling chocolate bars to his classmates at a very tender age and hence Hussain Sajwani family played a great role to his success.


Hussain’s father was a small-developer while his mother was a small scale entrepreneur. Every evening after classes, Sajwani would hang around his father’s small office, learning a few tips not knowing they would be necessary for his future career. Sajwani boldly accepts that his experience with his father was exceptional, his father wanted him to drop out of school and join his business and this saw him get obsessed in pursuing his education to the point of securing a government scholarship to study medicine in Baghdad.


Although, Sajwani failed in his school probably due to disruptions due to his passion in engagements in business ventures. However, the failure did not hinder him from pursuing his education dream. The successful entrepreneur left for the US to study industrial engineering before returning in 1981 to begin his practice. In the 90s, Sajwani was well-known for his role in expanding Dubai through the catering sector.


However, Sajwani’s career came to shine in 2002 when he decided to venture in the real estate, his father’s legacy. Sajwani is the Damac owner, a Dubai based international real estate developer. Before, Sajwani was utilizing a government decree that allowed foreigners to own property in Emirates little did he know that the venture would emerge as a great milestone in his career. Through his father’s knowledge, Sajwani purchased under-developed properties in the towns before refurbishing them into luxurious apartments. As many would say, Sajwani is among the few pioneers of transforming Dubai into a glittering destination.


Often, to succeed in a venture, smart entrepreneurs are expected to partner with the best people in the industry. Sajwani’s career is not ordinary. Back in 2013, the successful entrepreneur partnered with Donald Trump, today’s President of the US. President Donald Trump is known for placing his money where it’s worth summing up, and this saw him approach Sajwani to develop two golf courses. One of the Trump-branded golf courses was already launched, but the other one is scheduled to open sometime next year.


Both Trump and Sajwani have a close family relationship apart from the business and this would see them visit one another before Trump signed for office. Although Trump swore to concentrate more on running the office, Sajwani assured that their partnership is scheduled to carry on through Trump’s children.