Securus Technologies Making The World Safer

Securus Technologies is a U.S technology company that provides parolee tracking, government information management solutions, and detainee communications services to prisons. It is currently the largest company that provides those services in Canada and the United States. It serves more than one million detainees in approximately two thousand six hundred facilities in forty-five states. The firm was founded in 1986, where, it started as T-Netix Inc. and merged with Evercomin 2004 to form the current Securus Technologies. The company has grown significantly since being founded. In 2007, it acquired Syscon Justice Systems, an international brand leader in Offender Management Systems.



For patents, acquisitions, and technology, Securus Technologies announced in mid-2016 that they spent over six hundred million dollars in three years. The high cost of its assets might be because Securus choose the best in the market. The technology used is top-notch to ensure that they provide unbeatable services to their clients. Due to the challenging issue of contraband cell phones, Securus Technologies came up with a system to control it. The company even partnered with Harris Corporation for the cell defender technology. Early this year, the firm introduced a Wireless Containment Solution. The innovation will prevent contraband’s phones from connecting to the mobile network. This will ensure that the inmates will not use the phones to communicate with the outside world.


Clients’ reviews

Customers using Securus technology, have so many positive reviews of their experience in using their services. In several instances, the clients say how helpful the ability to monitor calls has been. Some corrupt officers caught and implicating evidence exposed. Another prison officer noted how the LBS software from Securus helped in recovering illegal items. Richard Smith, the CEO said that the company’s aims to make the world safer and a customer agreed that using their services is improving the public safety.


Securus Helps Law Enforcement

There is this incredibly highly rated correctional facility telecommunications company called Securus Technologies. Prisoners and their families seem to really like this company because they provide a quality product at a reasonable price. The company has an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau and runs the best customer service in the industry. Securus Technologies even went through the process of accreditation with the Better Business Bureau where they were subjected to an eight point review concerning honesty, credibility, reasonable pricing and transparency.


But I don’t really care for all that stuff. What I care about is the fact that this company helps law enforcement do their jobs. As far as I’m concerned, law enforcement should be the priority for any telecommunications company working within our criminal justice system.


Their latest software innovation is a very powerful tool that law enforcement can use to prevent crimes. Securus takes the extra step to record every single phone call that an inmate makes. These recordings are all tucked away into a giant digital database. That database can be searched virtually instantly using this new software innovation.


All the software needs is a small snippet of a recorded voice. It breaks the voice down to its most recognizable parts to create a fingerprint of sorts. It then goes through the database to match the fingerprint in order to identify phone calls that law enforcement may want to listen in on. This software can also lock on to particular phrases that will flag a phone call for law enforcement review.


Information obtained through this software has helped law enforcement to achieve search warrants, arrests and convictions. This software literally helps law enforcement to prevent crimes and that saves lives. The positive reviews and the good treatment of prisoners are just an added bonus in my book.