Kim Dao Vlogs With Peach Milky In Ikkebukuro And Harajuku

Before Kim Dao leaves Japan for good, she wants to make as many memories as possible with her best friends. In one recent vlog, Kim Dao does just that in Tokyo with fellow YouTuber Sophie (aka Peach Milky Vlogs). This vlog is called “Crepes & Sushi | Hanging out in Harajuku.


Since Kim Dao is going to leave Japan soon, she has decided to sell a ton of her Liz Lisa clothes. Viewers can see all of the boxes Kim Dao has ready to send off her clothes to whoever wants it. Kim Dao then shows us that she’s on Instagram Live at the time of this vlog. Learn more:


In the next scene, Kim Dao gets off the Tokyo metro at Harajuku and spots Sophie and Sophie’s boyfriend Luke across the street. They all instantly walk towards a Family Mart to pick up some lunch. Learn more:


After lunch, Kim Dao and her friends walk down Takeshita Dori. They spot a crepe food vendor called Santa Monica Crepes and simply can’t pass up the temptation. Kim Dao says the crepe was really good, but the ice cream was extremely rich.


Next, Kim Dao takes viewers to the grand opening of Stylenanda in Tokyo. For those who aren’t aware, Stylenanda is a very popular South Korean women’s apparel store. Kim Dao also passes by an Etude House.


A few moments later, Kim Dao takes us to a hidden outlet shop in the backstreets of Tokyo. All of the clothing and apparel in this secret store is at or below ¥390.


The vlog closes with Kim Dao, Sophie, and Luke eating dinner at a sushi restaurant and then playing some Nintendo Switch games at Sophie’s apartment.